Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass services offered in Phoenix, Glendale, & Tucson, AZ

Gastric bypass is one of the most commonly performed weight loss procedures. The team of highly experienced bariatric surgeons at AZ Weight Loss Clinic utilizes a number of procedures to help you reach your weight goals, including gastric bypass. To find out more about this weight loss surgery, call the office in Phoenix, Glendale, or Tucson, Arizona, or schedule an appointment online today.

Gastric Bypass Q & A

What is gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass, also known as the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB), is a weight loss procedure that alters your stomach and small intestine, so you eat less and absorb fewer calories. 

Surgeons have been performing gastric bypass surgery for more than 50 years. With advances in surgical techniques, the surgeons at AZ Weight Loss Clinic use laparoscopic surgery to perform this procedure, minimizing incision size, post-surgical pain, and recovery time. 

Am I a candidate for gastric bypass?

Schedule a consultation with the team at AZ Weight Loss Clinic to see if you’re a candidate for gastric bypass. They may consider you a candidate if you have a:

  • Body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher
  • BMI of 35 or higher with serious medical conditions (e.g., Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea)
  • Traditional diet and exercise fail to help you reach a healthier weight

Gastric bypass surgery permanently changes how you eat, and the team takes into consideration your willingness to make these changes.

They send you to their registered dietitian for dietary counseling so you can learn about the diet following gastric bypass. The registered dietitian also helps you make changes to how you eat prior to your surgery. 

What happens during gastric bypass?

Your surgeon at AZ Weight Loss Clinic performs gastric bypass surgery in two steps. During the first step, your surgeon divides your stomach, creating a stomach pouch about the size of an egg. The larger section of your stomach no longer stores or digests food.

For the second step, your surgeon divides your small intestine, bypassing the first section of your small intestine — the duodenum. Your surgeon connects your new small stomach pouch to the second section of your small intestine — the jejunum. 

What can I expect after gastric bypass?

The team may have you spend at least one day at the hospital following gastric bypass surgery. They send you home when you’re able to have small amounts of liquid without vomiting. 

The team and your nutrition counselor help you transition from a liquid diet to a pureed diet to a regular diet. The transition takes several weeks. 

You may lose 10 to 20 pounds during the first month and about half your body weight within two years. You need to continue to follow the nutrition and exercise plan and take nutritional supplements following gastric bypass to maintain your health and wellness. 

Schedule your gastric bypass consultation by calling AZ Weight Loss Clinic or schedule an appointment online today.

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